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Pastry Stout

Dessert Storm

Our pastry stout is percolating with coffee and dark chocolate aromas and served with a decadent coffee cake flavour. Featuring Rockland, Ontario's Cafe Joyeux coffee, this beer is proof you can have your cake and drink it too.

New England IPA


In a Hop-ocalyptic world, bland and tasteless beers rule the day. Tired of their predecessors monotone beer, a flavour rebellion has risen from the fizz. This hazy IPA will excite your taste buds into a flavour revolution with intense juicy fruit flavours. Grab your hazerbeam and join the fight..

New England Pale Ale

Hazy Bear

Intense citrus and berry aromas, soft and juicy body. This beer is for those lazy days you rather not face the day, let hazy bear bring you comfort.

Blonde Ale

Questionable Caddy

Easy drinking balanced beer with a bit of cereal malt and citrus hop presence to make you want another. You may question your caddy on club choice, but not this tasty number.

Dark Saison

The Darkest Hour

This dark saison delivers a mix of earthtone and cola flavours with belgian saison twist. Gently spiced for added complexity, we produce a beer for inner contemplation and outer conversations. May this dark saison bring you comfort during your darkest hour.

American IPA

I Hope You're Happy

A bold hop forward IPA with stonefruit, berry and grapefruit flavours, firm bitterness and a dry finish. A tasty west coast IPA, I hope you’re hoppy.

Cream Ale

Happy To Be Here

Light, crisp and uncomplicated. Just happy to be here.

Table Beer

Smell The Flowers

Made with rose hips and hibiscus, this session beer is floral with a balanced bitterness. When life gets busy, don’t forget to smell the flowers.

Munich Helles


This smooth lagered beer has a mild fresh bread malt body and a pleasant herbal hop presence. There’s a little taste of heaven in every glass of helles.

Belgian Witbier

Canard Blanc

Just as the white ducks are a staple of the Hammond Golf and Country Club, witbiers are a staple of belgian style beers. Canard blanc is our interpretation of this classic beer style with flavours of citrus, bubblegum and belgian spice. Time to get your ducks in a row and treat yourself to a Canard Blanc.