Belgian Witbier

Canard Blanc

Just as the white ducks are a staple of the Hammond Golf and Country Club, witbiers are a staple of belgian style beers. Canard blanc is our interpretation of this classic beer style with flavours of citrus, bubblegum and belgian spice. Time to get your ducks in a row and treat yourself to a Canard Blanc.

New Zealand Pilsner


New zealand hops bring tropical fruit and citrus aromas to your nose as their flavours mingle with a soft malty body and zippy bitterness tickle your tongue. Slip on your jandals and let your tastebuds enjoy the southern vibes.

Spiced Pale Ale

Spruce Pale Ale

Made with hand-picked spruce tips from the Hammond Golf Course property, this beer showcases spruce tips zesty and peppery flavours, with a subtle conifer, lemon and bready aroma. A pale ale worth getting spruced up for.

Belgian Golden Strong


A demonic amount of pilsner malt and a devilishly tasty belgian yeast delivers a beautiful bouquet of pear and apple fruit, belgian spice and a subtle alcohol backbone.
A strong beer that tastes lighter than its ABV—devil’s in the details.

Dry Stout

Lion’s Pride

Our dry stout is a malty and sessionable dark ale with coffee, dark chocolate and a dry roast finish. Join the pride and take your lion’s share of this dark tasty treat.

Fruit Kettle Sour

Forbidden Fruit - Raspberry

This is a juicy sessionable sour ale that has an explosion of Raspberry aroma and flavours with a balanced lemony tartness. Forbidden fruit, A sinfully juicy sour that won’t get you banished from the beer garden.

Table Beer

Smell The Flowers

Made with rose hips and hibiscus, this session beer is floral with a balanced bitterness. When life gets busy, don’t forget to smell the flowers.