Belgian Golden Strong


A demonic amount of pilsner malt and a devilishly tasty belgian yeast delivers a beautiful bouquet of pear and apple fruit, belgian spice and a subtle alcohol backbone.
A strong beer that tastes lighter than its ABV—devil’s in the details.

Cream Ale

Happy To Be Here

Light, crisp and uncomplicated. Just happy to be here.

Session NEIPA

Lil' Hazy

Broken Stick drops this fresh session NEIPA with citrus rhymes, tropical beats and a soft fruity bass. Tell the DJ to throw on this session and let Lil’ Hazy’s juicy lyrics ignite your buds.

Irish Red Ale

Mully’s Red

Our red is a malt forward sessionable ale with caramel and raisin notes and a dry roast finish. Like a loyal friend, Mully’s here for you.

Festbier Lager


This is our interpretation of the festival lager served at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. A balanced lager that walks the line between strength and drinkability, showcasing a fresh dough aroma, cracker and honey malt body and a pleasant herbal hop presence. A flavourful lagerbier worth celebrating.

Munich Helles


This smooth lagered beer has a mild fresh bread malt body and a pleasant herbal hop presence. There’s a little taste of heaven in every glass of helles.

Dry Stout

Lion’s Pride

Our dry stout is a malty and sessionable dark ale with coffee, dark chocolate and a dry roast finish. Join the pride and take your lion’s share of this dark tasty treat.

Spiced Saison

Staghorn Sumac Saison

Made with hand-picked staghorn sumac berries from the Hammond Golf Course property, this beer offers a marriage of sumacs lemony tart flavours and our saison yeasts berry and belgian spice. A saison with sumac love to offer.

Fruit Kettle Sour

Forbidden Fruit - Passionfruit, Pink Guava, and Mango

This is a juicy sessionable sour ale that has a symphony of Tropical fruit aroma and flavours with a balanced lemony tartness. Forbidden fruit, A sinfully juicy sour that won’t get you banished from the beer garden.

Pale Ale

Home Field Advantage

We called up some local ingredients from the farm team to create a classic american pale ale with local malt from Mill Ridge Specialty Craft Malts and local hops from Chlodowig farms. This pale ale has a lovely medley of bread crust and nutty malt flavours, with a piney grapefruit aroma, and a zippy bitter finish. Great ingredients grown locally? That is the home field advantage.

New England IPA

Little Ray's Gator Ale

We crocodialed up a tasty NEIPA with Little Ray’s Nature Centres showcasing bold tropical teeth, a submerged juicy body and a subtle bitter bite. Proceeds from the beer will help support the animals in Little Ray’s care, like LadyChompsAlot, the three legged alligator showcased on the label. Let gator-ale quench your thirst.

***$2.50 from every pint sold goes directly to Little Ray’s Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education (F.A.R.E) which funds the overall needs of the animals in their care.***

Harvest Ale

Time and Place

Made with organic fresh hops from Chlodowig farm. This beer is the synergy of time and place and brings the flavours of local terroir to the tip of your tongue.