Dessert Storm

Our pastry stout is percolating with coffee and dark chocolate aromas and served with a decadent coffee cake flavour. Featuring Rockland, Ontario's Cafe Joyeux coffee, this beer is proof you can have your cake and drink it too.

I Hope You're Happy

A bold hop forward IPA with stonefruit, berry and grapefruit flavours, firm bitterness and a dry finish. A tasty west coast IPA, I hope you’re hoppy.

Nautical Twilight

We teamed up with Vignoble Clos du Vully to produce a saison featuring locally grown marquette grape skins. Bursting with white wine, gooseberry, and vinous raison flavours and a dry belgian spice finish. They say wine is poetry in a bottle, we hope this saison is a sonnet in a can.

Staghorn Sumac Saison

Made with hand-picked staghorn sumac berries from the Hammond Golf Course property, this beer offers a marriage of sumacs lemony tart flavours and our saison yeasts berry and belgian spice. A saison with sumac love to offer.

Happy To Be Here

Light, crisp and uncomplicated. Just happy to be here.

Lion’s Pride

Our dry stout is a malty and sessionable dark ale with coffee, dark chocolate and a dry roast finish. Join the pride and take your lion’s share of this dark tasty treat.

Parliamentary Birds

Aromas of nuts, bread crust and earthy hops excite your nose as the toasty malt flavours and a moderate bitterness ignite your taste buds. Whether your’e a night owl burning the midnight oil or sitting with a parliament of friends, a session with this british beer is sure to be a hoot.

Time and Place

Made with organic fresh hops from Chlodowig farm. This beer is the synergy of time and place and brings the flavours of local terroir to the tip of your tongue.


This smooth lagered beer has a mild fresh bread malt body and a pleasant herbal hop presence. There’s a little taste of heaven in every glass of helles.

Mully’s Red

Our red is a malt forward sessionable ale with caramel and raisin notes and a dry roast finish. Like a loyal friend, Mully’s here for you.


This unique beer is our interpretation of the classic smoke beers from Bamberg, Germany. Our rauchbier is filled with aromas of smoked ham and bready malts with flavours of toasted oak, caramel, raisins and a dry smoky finish. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, may this beer be your desire?

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