Availability: SOLD OUT
Type: American Blonde
ABV: 4.7%

Questionable Caddy Blonde Ale

Easy drinking balanced beer with a bit of cereal malt and citrus hop presence to make you want another.

Mully's Red Ale

Our red is a malt forward sessionable ale with caramel and raisin notes and a dry roasty finish.

ABV: 4.8%
Type: Irish Red Ale
Availability: Draught, Cans

I Hope You're Hoppy West Coast IPA

A bold hop forward IPA with peach, berry and grapefruit aromas, juicy peach and berry flavour, firm bitterness and a dry finish.

ABV: 6.8%
Type: American IPA
Availability: Draught, Cans

Smell the Flowers

Made with rose hips and hibiscus, this beer is floral with a balanced bitterness.  It  will make you feel like you got lost in a flower garden which you never want to leave.

ABV: 3.8%
Type: Bière de Table
Availability: Draught, Cans

Happy to be Here

Light, crisp and uncomplicated. Just happy to be here.

ABV: 4.6%
Type: Cream Ale
Availability: Draught, Cans
Availability: Draught, Cans
Type: NEPA
ABV: 5.5%

Hazy Bear

Intense citrus and berry aromas, soft and juicy body. This beer is for those lazy days you can’t bare to face the day, let hazy bear bring you comfort.

Availability: SOLD OUT
ABV: 4.0%

Lion's Pride

Our dry stout is a malty and sessionable dark ale with coffee, dark chocolate and a dry roasty finish. Join the pride and take your lion’s share of this tasty treat.

ABV: 4.8%


This smooth lagered beer has a mild fresh bread malt body and a pleasant herbal hop presence. There’s a little taste of heaven in every glass of helles.

Type: Helles Lager 
Availability: Draught
Availability: SOLD OUT
Type: Pale Ale
ABV: 5%

Spruce Tip Pale Ale

Made with hand-picked spruce tips from the Hammond Golf Course property, this beer showcases spruce tips zesty and peppery flavours, with a subtle conifer, lemon and bready aroma. A pale ale worth getting spruced up for.

ABV: 3.5%

Parliamentary Birds

Aromas of nuts, bread crust and earthy hops excite your nose as the toasty malt flavours and a moderate bitterness ignite your taste buds. Whether you’re a night owl burning the midnight oil or sitting with a parliament of friends, a session with this British beer is sure to be a hoot.

Type: Ordinary Bitter
Availability: SOLD OUT
ABV: 5.5%


With the malty backbone of a helles and the bitterness of a pilsner, the dortmunder is the middle child of the golden lagerbier family. Although it shares traits of its siblings, the dortmunder stands out by boasting a higher alcohol percentage—making it a great lager to dabble with.

Type: Dortmunder Lager
Availability: SOLD OUT
ABV: 4%

En Plein Essor

A light, crisp and refreshing lager made with local Ontario ingredients including Chlodowig Organic hops and Barn Owl malts. This beer is yours to discover and proves Ontario is a great place to grow.

Type: Ontario lager
Availability: SOLD OUT
ABV: 6%


This beer meets at the crossroads of New England IPA’s and sour beer with tropical fruit aromas and a  tart and juicy body. Legend has it our brewer went down to the crossroads and sold his soul for this recipe. A deal with the devil worth writing a song about.

Type: Sour IPA
Availability: Draught
ABV: 6.5%

Hazerbeam (Epsilon Ray)

In a Hop-ocalyptic world, bland and tasteless beers rule the day. Tired of their predecessors monotone beer, a flavour rebellion has risen from the fizz. This hazy IPA will excite your taste buds into a flavour revolution with intense juicy fruit flavours. Grab your Hazerbeam and join the fight.

Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria

Type: New England IPA
Availability: Draught
Availability: SOLD OUT
Type: New England DIPA
ABV: 8%

Cosmic Compass

Hop forward and juicy, we shot for the stars with our hazerbeams and landed inside a hoppy big dipa constellation. During uncertain times we often look to the stars for direction, with this DIPA we look to the hops to guide our tastebuds.


Ain't No Russian It

A bold stout bursting with coffee, chocolate and dark fruit flavours, and a bitter finish.

Whether you are hot to Trotsky it today, or Stalin it for tomorrow - No use Russian it.

ABV: 8.5%
Type: Imperial Stout
Availability: Draught
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